Activity Archive

This page is a selection of the activities undertaken by CAMP in the past


  • Hollowmarsh: a medieval meadowland landscape

  • Chewton Medieval Deerpark

  • Medieval Lords of Chewton

  • Aspects of the 'Minster' church of Chewton

Field visits

  • Marston Magna and Nether Adber

  • Glastonbury Abbey

  • Bradford on Avon: Roman, Saxon, later medieval

  • Ramspits medieval settlement

  • Ham Hill Iron Age Enclosure

  • Dunster Castle and Water mill

  • Martin Green's Farm

  • Fussell's Ironworks

  • Mells (Industrial Archaeology)

Longer Study Trips

  • Normandy, France: The Abbey of Jumieges, St Martin de Boscherville Abbey church and Rouen

  • Orkney

Indoor workshops

  • Zooarchaeology

  • Osteoarchaeology

  • Soil interpretation in excavation

  • Finds sorting, recording and marking

  • Aspects of planning and section drawing

  • On-going pottery type series study

  • Flotation Day

Outdoor workshops

  • Using a dumpy level in excavation

  • Exploring the architectural features of Chewton church


  • Industrial archaeology: The Somerset Coal Canal

  • Landscape archaeology of the Mendip Plateau

  • Early farm settlement in Chewton Mendip

  • Stanton Drew Prehistoric stone circles

  • Routeways of Chewton Mendip over the millennia

  • Boundaries, field names, mining remains, Chewton Mendip


  • Resisitivity

  • Magnetometry

  • Pseudosection resistivity


  • Spring and summer- ongoing Chewton Mendip


  • Manor Farm, Emborough


  • Manor Farm, Emborough

Earthwork survey

  • Chewton Mendip

Illustrated Talks to the public

  • Clutton History Society July 2014

  • AONB conference Wells, 2012, 2014, 2015

  • Weston Arch. and Hist. Soc. Spring 2012 & 2013

  • Festival of Archaeology July 2010 & 2011

  • SANHS Archaeology Day March 2016

  • Bristol and Avon Archaeological Society September 2016

  • Talks for the local villagers of Chewton Mendip 2016

  • Talk to Banwell Archaeology Society March 2017

  • South Somerset Archaeology Research Group 2018

Guest speaker 'Ask the Experts' Sessions. Guest experts have included

  • Dr Michael Costen

  • Dr Nick Corcos

  • James Bond

  • Marek Lewcun

Members' Days

  • An opportunity for members to present to the group their own private researches

One-off Metals Day

  • Members giving illustrated talks on various aspects of metals found during the Chewton Excavations